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The unique design of The LitterHouse cat litter box, prevents dogs from eating cat litter.
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Dogs die every year, due to eating cat litter.  The litter turns "cement like" in their stomach and intestines. Lungs  and inner organs can also be effected.  The LitterHouse litter box design does not allow dogs to get their heads into the litter pan area.

If you own a dog; chances are you have experienced coprophagia (dogs eating feces). The word comes from the Greek,  copro which means feces and phagy which means eat. And that is what it is eating feces.  Although vulgar and disgusting for the owner; dog coprophagia is a common practice in all breeds of dogs; small puppies’ to older mature dogs.  Nobody has any solid scientific evidence behind why animals engage in coprophagia.  But some possible factors include vitamin deficiency and enjoyment.

Many  animals, including dogs, may eat poop because poop contains vitamins produced by the intestinal bacteria that the animal can't absorb through the intestinal wall. So, they get these vitamins by eating poop. Dogs and some other animals also eat poop is because it contains protein. Dogs are particularly fond of cat poop because cat poop is high in protein. It is also suggested that dogs and other animals love the taste of feces.

It is quite common for dogs to pick up and eat animal feces while out walking in any park or forest setting.  And while you may not see any harmful affects, the possibility of harm is present.   Feces contains many parasites, including giardia, coccidia, roundworms and whipworms, which can be transmitted through dog, cat and other animal poop.  These same parasites may also be transferred to you or other members of your family while snuggling with your dog

The really serious dangers associated with dog coprophagia is when a household has dogs and cats  co-existing in the same house.  Cat litter is a deadly enemy to dogs. Think of what the litter does when a cat urinates in it. Similar things can happen in a dog's stomach if it eats enough of the litter.  Litter and particularly clumping litter can pose a serious health threat to dogs that eat cat poop. Clumping clay litter, for example, expands by 15 times when wet and forms a clump. It could potentially cause a serious intestinal blockage.

A dog owner writes about his dog Frida: I just had my dog eat cat "Treats" for about a week. I thought that the cat was not pooping but then yesterday the dog started acting uncomfortable. It turns out that she has a "gastrointestinal obstruction" that could be lethal. The vet bill is already @ $500.00 just for x-rays, blood work, boarding and saline drip for hydration. They think they will have to operate tomorrow to remove the blockage for a small fee of $1600.00!!! Please don't let your dog eat Clumping Cat Litter with her "Tootsie Rolls" or it could cost you $2000.00+ or possibly even your dog’s life. Please pray for Frida

The consumed cat litter can be difficult to remove even with surgery, as it can scatter throughout the digestive tract.  This will eventually lead to death.

The LitterHouse cat litter box is the best litter box for households where cats and dogs are living together.  If the dog can’t get at the litter box; he won’t be able to eat from it.  The LitterHouse stops medium and large sized dogs from accessing the litter pan. Use any type of litter you wish. Problem solved.  A dog has been saved from serious illness and death.

If your dog is vomiting, reluctant to eat or has a loss of appetite, acting lethargic, or straining to defecate, please see your veterinarian to determine if the ingestion of clumping cat litter is causing a problem in your dog..

The LitterHouse litter box is recommended for cats upto 22lbs

The LitterHouse is a multi patented trade marked product owned exclusively by Inc.
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